Twitter Contest Rules

We frequently give away merchandise and/or cryptocurrency on our Twitter handle @GetCryptoGear. These are the rules of our giveaways.

1. All of our merchandise giveaways on Twitter come with free shipping.

2. Winners of free merchandise must live in the United States or Canada to be eligible for free shipping.

3. If a selected winner is not in the USA or Canada they can either; Pay for shipping OR recieve an amount of cryptocurrency as decided by Most often, but not always, this will be the same crypto depicted on the merchandise in a denomination roughly close to the US dollar value of the merchandise at time of sending the cryptocurrency to the winner's wallet.

4. Winning Twitter handles are only eligible for one entry per month after winning. Making a new Twitter handle to enter a contest is a violation of the rules and the account will be banned from winning any future prizes. This will be based on Twitter handle(s), address of winner, name of winner, and other details relevant to ensure fair distribution of giveways.