Dogecoiners Are Donating 420 DOGE to the Ukrainian Army

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Dogecoin owners and investors are coming to the aid of the Ukrainian people after the meme cryptocurrency became more valuable than the Russian Ruble. Mykhailo Fedorov, the Minister of Digital Transformation for Ukraine, created a Dogecoin wallet and reached out to Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin asking if he and others would donate to the cause.

Billy made an undisclosed donation and then a popular meme account in the Doge / Crypto community known simply as "Greg" donated 420 Doge to the wallet address. This appears to be setting off a trend of Dogecoin owners donating 420 Doge to the Ukrainian people to support their army against the invasion by Russia.

420 Doge at time or writing is worth roughly $55.34 in U.S. Dollars or 1,662.48 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia, their currency).

Some Dogecoiners are donating more than 420 Doge to the cause. One account donated 115,000 DOGE, another 69,000 DOGE, another 420.69 DOGE. According to Dogechain, which tracks transactions on the network, there have been 291 transactions sending coins to the Ukraine wallet with a value of about $25,443 USD.

Featured image via Greg's twitter account as embedded above